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DUNS Number Lookup ::  The Data Universal Numbering system is a propriety system that is used to assign to a single business entity, a numeric identifier that is unique. Developed in 1963, it was meant to a credit reporting system called D&B. It is a common standard worldwide that is used by major states and block including; the United States government, the European Commission, and the United Nations.


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The DUNS number have become a very popular numbering system. Its database has hit over 220 million entries for business, worldwide. The DUNS number is has been proven to be a very effective and efficient system for numbering, given that it has received recognition more than fifty trade unions and industries. It is a 9-digit number that is assigned to every business location in the database of D&B. The DUNS number has a distinct and unique operation, used in their identification. It is open to everyone worldwide and can be offered irrespective of a nationality. It would also be worthwhile noting that to obtain it, it needs no charge and is absolutely free.


This is meant to encourage as many people as possible to obtain the number for the purposes of expanding business. For UK citizens, obtaining the number would not take time but is automatic but for non-Britons, its online application will take closely thirty days.

To promote its readability, it uses dashes in their format as in the following example- 14,509,540, though the modern form does not use dashes because they are not part of DUNS numbering system.

The numbering system have proven its outstanding effectiveness by scaling the years and replacing the A.C.A.S.S system, which was abolished in October 5, 2005 and it now uses the DUNS numbering system.

Also, its application have been made a need, with certain U.S government agencies requiring that a business person should posses a DUNS number to transact business with them.


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Why Do You Need a DUNS Number Lookup?

  1. Establish Business Credit
  2. Track Your Credit Report
  3. Obtain Financing
  4. Apply for Government Contracts
  5. Appeal to Potential Partners
  6. Develop Apps
  7. Register as a Supplier
  8. Apply for SSL Certificate service for DUNS number searching with more data list and more information. Our data are last update.


Example of DUNS number lookup data search


DUNS number     Company name.                                       Town                     State.              Country

  • 99433764            IRON HORSES CONSTRUCTION INC.     MIDDLETON.        Wisconsin       US
  • 36607169            EUGEN MACOVEI                                      PHOENIX.              Arizona           US
  • 97294789           RINEHART, HOMER COMPANY.               LINDSAY.               California.       US
  • 23205080           KENNETH L MILES.                                    CENTRAL POINT.   Oregon.          US
  • 51815876            JOHNSON, CLETUS                                    LE CENTER             Minnesota.    US
  • 38717266.          CARTER EXCAVATION                                ASHLAND CITY      Tennessee     US


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