DUNS Number How You Get It?

Understanding the essence of a DUNS number to you

The DUNS number is an acronym for Data Universal Numbering System. It was started in 1962 by Dun & Bradstreet to be a unique worldwide business recognition system that identifies, validates and connects to nearly 300 million businesses globally.


duns number


It is composed of a 9 digit non indicative numbering sequence. All types of business forms could be assigned this including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, government units and nonprofit organizations.


Can your DUNS number change?

The dun and bradstreet number is always constant. It stays with your business throughout every stage of its life cycle. This includes your business name, address and corporate changes in structure. This could even include bankruptcy.


More importantly, the dun and bradstreet number is not just a number. It is also a way to update accurate, complete and timely data. It is free of charge and is issued in a quick manner to any organization desiring to do transactions with the Federal Government of the USA.


Do I really need a DUNS number?

Having a DUNS number is very beneficial. Anyone who wants to research about your credit and transaction history will almost always think about going to Dun & Bradstreet to seek more information.


What will be reflected in your DUNS files will be your reliability in paying back business and vendor loans on time. This positive record will enable your business to secure easily lines of credit and business loans.


Steps for getting a DUNS number

Use D & B online access to register for free for a DUNS number. Any legal entity can apply for one including LLCs, S Corps and C Corps. These are the steps.


  1. Know if you have already a dun and bradstreet number because quite of number of companies forget that they already have one. Just enter your business name, address and phone number on the D & B website.
  2. If you’re sure you still don’t have a Data Universal Numbering, registering by filling out an online application. Another option is to call the toll free number which is 1-(866)705-5711.

    Before applying, be prepared with the following data:

    • Legal status of the business (partnership LLC, corporation, proprietorship)
    • Legal name of business
    • Year started
    • Address
    • Contact number
    • Major product or service
    • Employee population

    Enter all these data into the online fields. If through phone, read out the details to complete your registration. The whole process will take only a few minutes of your time.

  3. As an option, pay to fast track your DUNS application. The free of charge process takes about 30 days for you to acquire your DUNS number. Expediting the procedure will make you shell out $229 so you can get your DUNS number in five days or less.
  4. You can now report your transactions. With a dun and bradstreet number, you can now enable your business credit report to gather public information like legal judgments. You should know that most suppliers and vendors don’t go directly to D & B, so if you wish that your score will include your transaction history, you can submit them for a fee.

Renewing your Data Universal Numbering

Through internet access, renewing your dun and bradstreet number through Corporate DUNS is easy. Just complete the online application form and pay the fee. In 5 minutes, you will have your DUNS number renewed.


DUNS number list update at 09/02/2022 : More 1,000,000++ row